Online dance school by
Olga Tarasova
Course «Smart body»

Start: 3 September 2022

Olga Tarasova
Author and course leader
  • Leader and head coach of TSK "IDEAL dance"
  • Co-founder and head coach of TSC Moskovia for 9 years
  • Judge of the All-Russian category
  • Coach of multiple winners of the Russian Championships
  • Coach of overall winners World Championships
  • Master of Sport
  • Dancer with international class in the past
  • Founder of the "IDEAL dance online" project - the largest online ballroom dancing school, where more than 2000 students have been trained
For many years I have collected the most effective exercises, tested,transfigured them and put it into practice with my dance couples. Exercises that develop sustainable skills help you better feel your body, coordinate it. Exercises that will help answer the question "What is the base." Exercises built on the principle of "from simple to complex".
Olga Tarasova, author and course leader.
What can you expect from the course:
9 modules of exercises
40 video lessons on the major kinds of skills needed for successful dancing
Special approach
Not just a set of videos with tasks for general development! This is the same dance school,but all aspects will be online. Coaches lead EVERY student hand in hand from the start.
10 home practice assignments
The student sends a video report on the completion of the assignment and receives detailed comments from Olga Tarasova and the course curators.
For all dance levels and ages
Information that is useful for dancers from H to M class, as well as for coaches
Access for a year
Ability to take lessons an unlimited times
General chat of coaches and dancers
Ask questions in real time
Real time exercises
A unique development of our school, which has become the ideal solution for those who want to start training on their own
The complete structured teaching methodology of Olga Tarasova.
From simple to complex. Not just a set of information that will be forgotten, but also practical work throughout the entire period of study.
Who is the course aimed at:
For dancers
Who want to feel their body and move to victory
For coaches
Who want to build their own successful methodology and educate quality dancers
For parents
Who want to help their child become successful and not only understand the essence of the training process, but also participate in it
Course Program:
After completing the course, you will:
Understand how to own and manage your muscles
Learn the components of basic movements
Acquire a skill base for any steps and actions
Train your physical endurance
Learn the secrets of the "evenness" of the dancer
Improve your dance technique without directly affecting it
Break down the movements in your head into simple parts and learn how to perform them correctly
Create a structured "base" that will help to understand any teacher or coach
Structure your knowledge
Get complete instructions for self-training
Tuition fees*
(accompanying curators)

9 modules:

- basic principles. How to feel the body.
- Perfect feet
- Feet speed and agility
- Energy and "mobility" of the torso
- The middle part of the body. Range of motion of the hips
- High-quality weight transfer from foot to foot
- muscular back
- Principles of hand performances

- 40 video lessons
- over 25 hours of video content
- 10 homework assignments with feedback from curators and Olga Tarasova
- 6 complexes in real time for independent training
- student rating
- general chat of participants
- prizes and gifts for the winners
- course completion certificate

Access to lessons for 6 months

Bank installment available!
53 990 ₽
45 990 ₽
Duplicated components that are in the Optimal Plus tariff


Once a week, Zoom lessons in a mini group to practice the acquired skills (5 practices)

Assured personal accompaniment of Olga Tarasova

Private chat

Access to materials 1 YEAR!
Bank installment available!

99 900 ₽
92 900 ₽
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